Infusion Business Software - Bronze Course

05 Mar 2019, 9:00am – 5:00pm

The BRONZE Level One training course is designed to give all users of Infusion a good basic practical introduction to the software covering the correct method of set up and management of Customers, Suppliers, Products, Servicing and Jobs. The course also covers processing of daily transactions for invoices, Quotes and Purchase Orders along with Jobs and Servicing.

The course is held over a full day and taught in a classroom environment with laptops and training material and exercises supplied.

 General, Security and Navigation

    Infusion™ Navigation and Operation 
    Login and Password 
    Menu Access, Right Click, Hot Keys/Quick Keys
    Searching, Filtered and Primary 
    Moving Columns and Setting Fields 
    Inactive Records, The Side Panel
    Exporting the Manage Screen to Excel


    Creating a New Customer 
    Address Verification 
    Customer Details / Delivery 
    Terms / Pricing Contacts E-Mail Links 
    Layout Selection, Custom Fields 
    Notes, Images, Identification 
    Contract or Special Pricing, Documents 
    Marketing, Sales Budgets 
    Enquiry Screens 
    Customer Transactions 
    Balances, Outstanding, Invoices, Quotes, Jobs
    Customer Items
    Sales History, Product History 
    Print Statement and Email Statement
    Processing Customer Invoices
    Creating a Credit
    Customer Quotes, Quote vs. Estimate
    Documents Tab 
    Manage Invoices / Manage Quotes 
    How can I locate an invoice? 
    POS Invoicing 
    The Quick Keys, The POS Screen 
    Processing Split Payments 
    Common Issues with Balancing 
    Customer Reporting 


    Creating a New Supplier 
    Terms, Supplier Contacts, Email Links, Notes
    Supplier Enquiry screen 
    Outstanding Transactions 
    Processing Supplier Purchase Orders 
    Purchase Orders Supplier,
    Manage Purchase Orders, Receipting Goods
    Three Steps – Order, Receipt, Invoice 
    Purchase Orders - Non Stock
    Supplier Invoices - No Products 
    Deferred Payment
    Supplier and Purchase Order reports 
    Creating a new Product
    Product Types, Groups and reporting 
    Standard Product Type/ Group/ Sub-group
    Pricing, Retail, Cost and Promotional Options
    Labels, Suppliers, Kitsets, Alternatives, Compatibles
    Product Enquiry 
    Quantities, Backorders, Serial # 

Service Department / Workshop Jobs 

    Creating a New Job 
    Site Details, Contacts, Instructions, Tech Notes
    Custom Fields, Documents, Cust Notes
    Processing Labour and Parts to a Job 
    Staff Set Up – For Job Costing 
    Mapping Labour and Staff Codes 
    Job Types and Status
    Assigning Labour to a Job, Time Clocking
    Scheduling Jobs – Staff Availability 
    Workshop / Schedule Staff Time 
    Service Workshop reporting 

Customer Items 

    How are Customer Items Created in Your System? 
    Servicing - the Service Reminder Process
    Service Reminder Personalisation, Delivery Methods 
    Set up of SMS template for Upcoming Services
    Processing and Reporting Service Reminders

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