Sprockit/Infusion Business Software - Silver Cours

26 Jun 2019, 9:00am – 5:00pm

The SILVER Level Two training course builds on the standard set up and transactions processed in Bronze level one. Users will gain a better understanding of the importance of the system set up and the adoption of Best Business Practice Policies, to help with efficiencies across the business.

Level two looks more at the common day to day sales transactions and understanding the sales and associated reporting.


Making the software do the work for you, with Contact Management, Credit and Finance Management, and Supplier Price files.


The course is a full day course taught in a classroom environment with laptops and training material and exercises supplied.


Contact Management

Contact Management for Sales and Administration


  • Finance Charges, and Credit Management
  • Electronic Marketing with SMS and Mailchimp
  • Data Setup and Capture 
  • Mail Merge a DM with MS Word 

Sales Analysis Reporting 

  • Customer Sales Analysis Reports 
  • Sales Analysis – Date Range 
  • Analysing Sales Trends over a Period 
  • Sales by Dual Date Range, Sales by Preferred Supplier
  • Sales: Existing vs New Customers 
  • Product Sales Analysis 
  • Product Sales 12 Months 
  • Charts, Graphs and KPI Reports 
  • How Can I Correct the Cost Price of an Item Sold on an Invoice? 
  • Why Should We Avoid Using a Misc or N/S Code?

Daily Processing

  • Trade-In Processing 
  • How does a Trade-In effect my Daily Sales? 
  • Deferred Payments - Customer Invoices 
  • Customer Layby Processing 
  • Accepting Farmlands as a Method of Payment
  • Enabling the Farmlands Export
  • Processing EPay Gift Cards 
  • Refunding a Customer who has Overpaid 
  • Goods Sold or Taken for Promotional Use 
  • Duplicated Customers – How to Avoid This 
  • Merging Customer Accounts

Supplier Price Files

  • Supplier Pricebooks 
  • Pricebook Setup 
  • Importing the Supplier Price File 
  • The Import Routine 
  • Updating the Supplier Price File 
  • Managing the Price File Once it’s Imported 
  • Why Use Supplier Pricebooks? 
  • Using Products from the Price File 
  • Using the Pricebook for Purchase Orders.
  • Updating the Supplier Pricebooks 

Product Pricing Management 

  • Latest vs Average Cost
  • Markup vs Margin 
  • What is the difference between margin and markup? 
  • Desired margin / Cost of goods 
  • Superseded Products 
  • Inactive Products 
  • Product Ratios for Chain and Oil
  • Reviewing Product Set Up Identifying Issues 
  • Reporting on Product Margins and Markups System Wide 
  • We Have Been Offered a Range of Items to Sell on Consignment, How do We Set These Up? 
  • How Do we Handle Items Supplied Free of Charge 

STIHL Target Purchase Reporting  

  • Select the Reporting Units 
  • Enter a Description for the Measurement Type
  • Loading the Targets 
  • Product Set Up Targets 
  • Running the Target Reports 
  • Where do the Target Figures Come From? 

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