Invoicing; quotes; customer specific layouts and documents...


  • Invoicing and Quotes
  • Multiple Delivery Addresses per Customer
  • Unlimited contacts per customer
  • Customer specific layouts (Invoice, Statement, etc.)
  • Email Invoices, Statements, Receipts and Quotes to multiple contacts
  • Marketing/referral capturing and reporting
  • Recurring charges, Customer rates, Backorders
  • Customer Item management
  • Head office billing
  • Date driven reports
  • Product build-up’s on Invoices and Quotes
  • Standard Descriptions for Invoicing and Quotes
  • Customer Document library
  • Auto Order for out of stock items
  • Predictive orders
  • Trade-ins
  • Deferred payment terms
  • Surveys and marketing
  • Contra transactions between Supplier account
  • Loyalty scheme
  • Credit Control management
  • Finance Charges
  • Address / Postal labels
  • Extensive Sales Analysis reporting
  • Discount matrix between Product and Customer groups

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