Customer Items

Record and track items sold to customers; schedule services; send reminders...


  • Allows you to track and record details about the items sold to your Customers. It also allows you to schedule services, send reminder letters and emails to your Customers, track the service history and warranty information
  • Fully integrated with the Job Management and Customer Invoicing modules
  • Customisable Item Groups
  • Customisable fields for each Item group
  • Set up and manage your own warranties
  • Track Supplier warranties
  • Service events automatically created on the sale of an item
  • Send Service Reminders to your clients via letter or email
  • Service events automatically create a job for tracking time and materials
  • Multiple service events can be set up for each Item
  • Items can be transferred between Customers if sold
  • Integration with the Letters module to provide a range of personalised letters (Thank you for purchasing; WOF Due; 30,000km Service; etc)

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