Rental Hire

For management of items you hire out to your Customers......


  • allows management of hiring and subsequent return of items.
  • produce and manage Rental Hire Agreement
  • create forward bookings for items
  • products can be sold with the hired item
  • multiple price levels and option to use discount matrix pricing
  • insurance, freight and security deposit charges can be added to the hire.
  • rates can be set up for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly periods for each item.
  • contract rates for individual customers
  • ability to automatically charge late return fees
  • automaticaly schedule servicing of hired items on their return
  • track and record customer identification
  • age restriction or proof of Licence for item hire
  • schedule screen that displays bookings in a visual / calender style format.
  • send SMS, email or written reminders for booking confirmations and overdue reminder
  • items can be classified by type, group or subgroup
  • report on the individual profitability of an item or group of items

Hosting Fee
$33.25 +GST per Month

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