Digital Invoice Importing (Xtracta)

Invoices can be posted directly against general ledger accounts with automated account coding. In addition to this,
purchase orders will be matched against invoices as they are processed line by line. Simply scan, photograph, or send your
digital invoice directly into Infusion to start the process. Users have full control to review and override any invoice before the
process is finished.

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Highly Accurate

With state-of-the-art technology and extensive
validation you can be confident in the accuracy of the
digital invoice import service. Strong data checks
safe-guard the process so that incorrect data will be
flagged for human intervention

Links with Purchase Orders

A key part of managing purchase orders is to ensure
that items are correctly invoiced.
With part-fulfillment and back-ordering support, price
variance detection and more, the digital invoice
process handles a wide range of accounts payable

Document Storage
Invoices sent into the service will be automatically
stored on your network and easily accessed
through Infusion. The original invoice is always on
hand to review should you need further information.v

• No lost documents
• No searching through filing cabinets
• PDF of original document stored
• Instant access
• Fully compliant with IRD requirements

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